Our story started in 2009 with 1100 grapevines on 2 1/2 acres. We took those vines and turned them into over 21,000 lbs. of grapes each summer, and over 9,000 bottles of wine each year. Our family then spent almost two years restoring a historic building on Main Street in Mount Vernon, Iowa, to become our winery and tasting room. We refer to our winery as The Local, which is aimed to bring wine, customers, and local economy into a meeting space for fun and making memories. Our business is small, and we work hard. Our original Glyn Mawr Vineyard is no longer, but we still source 100% Iowa grapes for our wines. We believe in producing high quality Iowa wines, and we also believe that small business is the backbone of our culture.  We know that we couldn't be here today without the support of our family, friends, customers, and community.  We are Glyn Mawr Winery-The Local, and we thank you for being here!
 -Brenda Broulik & Anna Wilson; mother, daughter & co-owners

This Is Us.

grandma and grandpa.jpg

Brenda Broulik

Wife, mother, grandma, winemaker, master of the wine lab, bookkeeper, market buyer, and keeper of so many reports...and, she makes the BEST cookies!  And, it may have been overheard that the best part of this business for her is being able to be with her family...even when the days of this business get tough. Her favorite job in the whole world is grandma...and she's pretty much an expert in that field.


Helping Hands

Our hands...again.  The reason this photo is so meaningful to us is because we are a team.  Everyone helps, even when it's hard, and everyone sacrifices, even when it's hard.  But, we also get to laugh, be together, and have fun...and hard work is okay, too.  They say it forms character, teaches us lessons, and shows us anything is possible.  We think that is what family and life are all about...and we are grateful.


Anna Wilson

Wife, mom, sister, winemaker, organizer of all things marketing, event creator, bartender, learner of all the things we still don't know...and the #1 fan to her husband and her kiddos.  She is also known to resemble the energizer bunny, even when everyone else is ready to force her to sit down.  But, it comes from a source of love and excitement for the possibilities of what can be with effort and grit.



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