Baby, it’s hot outside…and our grapes LOVE IT! :)


It has been a little more challenging working in the vineyard in this heat, however.  Since it is a business that my mom and I choose to do, we can also choose when we decide to work out there…thank goodness!  I usually look forward to my time spent working with the vines, but there are definitely times when I would prefer to stay in the air-conditioning and blog about our efforts! 🙂


We have stayed on top of the pruning, hedging and skirting of our vines (just different terms in regards to how you trim and manage the vine.)  We are experimenting with different tools in our vineyard to see if other techniques save time and energy compared to our trusty old pruners.  In March, we attended our region’s grape conference and a gentleman from Michigan spoke on the benefits of using different tools, just as another trade would do.    


So, my mom decided to purchase a battery-powered hedger (it was actually a gift!) that is very light weight, and I have to say, it is our new secret weapon! 🙂  It saves so much time, and it is also a change from the pruners, which tend to wear on your hands a bit.

So, we continue to add to our collection of tools and equipment to better our efficiency and make canopy management a little easier.

We also had our guys help us with a few trellis maintenance projects.  We needed to add a few support posts towards the bottom of our rows, so we enlisted the guys to help dig the post holes!  And, as we head into the later part of our growing season, I’m sure everyone will get their share of time in the vineyard as we prepare for harvest.


We will be working on pest management as our grapes ripen, since birds, raccoons, and many other animals tend to like ripe berries!  So, we will post some pics of our bird netting going up, along with our electric fence for raccoons.  We’ll take a little break as I have our 3rd addition to our family, but I will be ready to a little more comfortable working in the vineyard not being 9 months pregnant! 🙂

Til next time!

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