Crushin’ those grapes…by hand

So, that leads me into our little grape crushing event last month with Landon and Ella’s help.  And, truly they were very good at it!  They had the system down, so I figured if a one-year old and a two-year old could handle it, my mom and I had better step up to the plate! 🙂

Some close friends of my parents donated some grapes out of their garden, and so we crushed some Concord grapes and left it to ferment in the basement. 

We even let Landon get into the bucket and stomp on them a little bit…and then we forgot that the acid can cause some people to itch.  I don’t know how my mom and I forgot, because we both react to the grape must.  So, we quickly exited that exercise to get him upstairs and medicated. 🙂  Poor guy…we’ll try to remember next time, buddy.

It’s been several weeks now, so the wine has finished fermenting and we have racked it into a smaller container. We are now letting it age and clarify some before we add any sugar and bottle it. 

It’s  a lot smaller scale than a commercial winery would be, or even the winery at Kirkwood College, in which we are taking classes, but no less fun and exciting. 

So, though this wine is not officially the first bottle of Glyn Mawr wine, I think we’ll still have fun making some mock labels just to get us excited for what lies ahead!

Thanks Mac and Denise for kick-starting our winery!

Til next time,

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