First Weekend of Harvest 2013…Success!

The clouds kept the blistering heat away Saturday morning and we had a great group of friends and family stop by to help pick for our first official weekend of Harvest 2013!  And, boy did they pick!  We finished ahead of schedule and delivered our first variety, Brianna, to our winery.  The extreme heat from the previous week has really helped to develop the sugars in the last few days and weeks, and our grapes are looking, smelling, and tasting great!

If you haven’t had the chance to visit a vineyard to pick grapes, it’s actually a much more enjoyable experience than people might think (no comments from the peanut gallery! 🙂  It definitely is work, since we harvest all of the grapes by hand, but there’s a sense of teamwork that takes place and the conversations can just get hilarious!  And, for families of children…it’s a great way to introduce a different environment and different type of work, while being a safe environment.  We use grape forks that are safer than pruners, and only have a Gator and mower to haul in grapes…thus, not having large equipment to cause concern.

We have a HUGE weekend ahead of us, as we will be picking half of our vineyard in one weekend!  But, the cooler weather should make the mornings comfortable, and we’ll pick ’til we drop!

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