Getting into a Rhythm

After launching our commercial winery the beginning of this year, we have been working on figuring out a good balance of getting our product out to new customers by holding tasting and events, establishing retail locations for recurring purchases, and maintaining our vineyard to produce a high quality crop for the next harvest season.

wine tasting

Although they seem like logical, basic tasks to complete if you have a wine business (and they are all basic tasks,) it has proven a little trickier to find the time to get all of it done!

There are constant hurdles in any new business…unexpected things you know you should do, but forgot or failed to do them at the right time, and the completely unforeseen things you would have never known about until they happen…and then it’s panic to figure out a solution! 🙂

So, getting into a rhythm or flow of operations has been a focus for our winery this year. Deciding where we need to focus our time and our plans for the short-term and long-term, all while working on the priority of the day.  Also, taking the time to enjoy our successes and positive feedback on our product and service, and feeling confident in our vineyard, as we are into our 8th growing season with our varieties of grapes.

Brianna grapes photo

But, with finding a rhythm for our new business, we always remember to have fun and do what makes us happy! We want to make sure to put our mark and style on our business, and make it a reflection of our personalities and values.  Family, fun, hard work and love are all things that come to mind when we work on our business, so we’ll continue to have those come through with our winery efforts. 🙂


Harvest season is upon us once again…every August like clock-work! We’re hoping this harvest will be a little more organized regarding the winery side of things, and we will bring in high-quality grapes to start our wine line-up for next year!

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