Happy Birthday Glyn Mawr!

How, you ask?  One answer…we love our family!! 🙂  My parents, brothers, my hubby and my aunts and cousins all came to help on a Saturday and we were able to auger the holes, fill them with water, and plant over 2 acres of dormant vines by 7PM that evening.  And, it was actually a lot of fun!  We loaded up the coolers with food and drinks and as long as we had food, we kept on working!

Prior to planting day, we also worked very hard on designing the vineyard (which is not an easy task,) deciding where to plant each variety, squaring up the rows so it would look and actually BE straight, and marking each plant hole to make planting day much faster.  The weeks of work ahead of time made planting day go fairly smoothly…with the exception of Luke and Chase’s technical difficulties with the auger! 🙂

But, really, thank goodness they had the muscles to auger 1100 holes…that was something I could not have even thought about tackling!

Mom and Landon ran the sandwich wagon most of the day.  My mom had put in so much work in ahead of time getting the vineyard site ready, she was happy to keep Landon busy while I made sure we had the right vines in the right rows!

Back to the FAMILY part…there was no way we could have come close to getting it done so efficiently without the help of everyone who helped that day.  We love you guys!  And, we have lots of pictures to prove it!

Here’s a look back at May 2009…what a great memory to have!

Planting the vines and taking a lunch break…

Watering the holes and dividing the vines…  

 And, finally, we are finished…!!! (I was in the house by this time since I was six months pregnant…I finally took the advice of my aunts and SAT DOWN!! :))

Happy Birthday Glyn Mawr!

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