Here We Grow…

Before harvest, we contemplated how we wanted to keep growing the winery, what changes we would make, and how we would progress through the next season. We decided not to seek out additional growers and just keep all of our own grapes, and hopefully grow a little with any extra crop production.

Well…after bringing in an additional 8,000 lbs. of grapes from last year, the decision to grow was decided for us! 🙂 Prior to harvest, we thought we were much better prepared for the season compared to last year.  After the first weekend of harvesting over 2500 lbs. more of just our Brianna variety, we started scrambling to order more tanks to hold our extra volume.  All of our preparation and planning was thrown out the window, and our new plan, FIGURE OUT WHERE TO PUT ALL OF THESE GRAPES, was put into action. 🙂

Extra grapes also led to needing more pickers, and we were so incredibly grateful for everyone who showed up for the 4 weekends of harvest to help us bring in our crop. Friends, family, acquaintances, and new faces all arrived in our vineyard willing to help out, and we can’t thank them enough.  With the launch of our winery last year, we were able to hold wine tastings after the end of picking each day, and gift our pickers with wine to take home after their day’s work!

After the dust (and sweat) of harvest settled, and ALL of our wine (we did find a place for all of it!) was fermented and in tanks, we had to think about our goals and upcoming season and decide where and what to do next. And, with a few more thousand bottles going into our inventory after bottling, we decided more locations and more channels for getting our wine out there would be a good place to start. 🙂

So, we’re refocused and busy getting our product introduced and out to more people now that our vineyard work is behind us for the season. We’re looking forward meeting new faces, new business owners, and new ideas and fun with our business!  I mean…Wine Not? 🙂

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