Just Wow!

As we are finishing up all of the harvest processes and clean up after our Glyn Mawr Harvest 2018, the first word that comes to mind is simply “Wow!” 


Wow…because we had our 2nd biggest harvest to date in our vineyard this year!  The weather pattern this season proved to be good for our grape crop, and we were able to keep disease and rodents away.  We also worked all spring and summer to change the way some of our varieties grow, as well as replacing posts in our trellis system.  With any business, if you knew then what you know now…you might do a few things different. 🙂 Though we committed a lot of time to these changes, they will help us continue to grow quality grapes for years to come.  They always say, “You need good grapes to make good wine.”  We totally agree.


Wow…because the first weekend we held our Glyn Mawr Harvest 2018 Lunch & Punch event, we had over 75 people volunteer their time to help bring in our crop, and enjoy some lunch and wine punch in our vineyard afterwards. Our little vineyard…75 people in one weekend…who knew?

Wow…because the very next weekend it was POURING, and then it was HOT, and we still had over 30 people help us pick in the rain and the heat.  We got on our ponchos and picked…and picked…and picked!

Wow…because we harvested and processed our biggest harvest to date in half the time!  Because of the extremely rainy and hot conditions during our harvest time, we had to continue picking straight through the week, and with the extra help from customers, family, and friends, we took our picking from 4 weeks to 2 weeks…record time.

Wow…because the retail locations that we purchase our wine know that we are a mother-daughter duo, and that means two.  Two people to produce 8,000 bottles of wine, operate a 2 ½ acre vineyard, and make all of our sales and deliveries.  So, when we let them know harvest is coming, or that we are right in the middle of it, they order around our harvest or don’t mind waiting an extra week…no questions asked.

Wow…because with this new harvest production, we are going to be close to over 9,000 bottles (super close to 10,000 bottles) this year.  Our first year, we bottled close to 4,500 bottles.  And, we still have a hand corker!


Wow…because we continually get customers asking about the progress of our tasting room, and when we plan to open.  They are patiently waiting alongside us, and keep asking…which keeps us excited for the future even with all of the work still ahead of us.

Wow…because we have some exciting things in store for you when we open our new winery and tasting room in Mount Vernon.  We are bringing our local mix of food, goods, and culture to this space, and we are really excited to show it to all of our customers, family, and friends.  We’re calling it vintage industrial…classic and comfortable, and of course, fun!  We cannot wait to start showcasing sneak peeks of what’s to come very soon!

So, as we end another vineyard season and head into a new wine making season, we are always reminded of all of the “wows” that continue to occur as we figure things out, plan for the future, and continue to build this business.


And, in case you haven’t read this on any of our other social platforms, our customers, family and friends are the best…they just are! 🙂 If you have read it, here’s just another reminder. 🙂

Thanks to everyone who helped make another harvest season happen at Glyn Mawr!


P.S. And, for the record, we pretty much took zero photos of our harvest this year.  When you crunch your biggest harvest ever into half the time, there’s barely any time for sleep, food, and ibuprofen, let alone remembering to take photos.  Here’s to improvement for next year. 🙂

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