Summer Vines

Really, as we progress into selling a crop and starting our winery, we will really utilize our blog as a tool to our buyers and customers.  But, right now, our main goal is to share our story and progress, and have some fun along the way.  I have honestly enjoyed creating this and posting our vineyard photos much more than I anticipated!  It validates our family’s work, and it personally reminds me every time I look back at these how much fun I’ve had working with my mom, and how much fun (hopefully, most of the time 🙂 ) we will have in coming years.  And, the drinking wine part isn’t too bad…

Since our vines are only 2 years old, we did not harvest a crop.  These photos are just a couple of clusters we left on a vine or two to see how they developed.  These photos were taken by Kelly, and she caught these grapes in late July when they were entering veraison.  That is when the red varieties turn from green to red or purple, which is the color they are when we harvest.  We planned to do some testing with them, but some critters swiped them out of the vineyard while we were on vacation in August.  Next year, when we plan a partial harvest, we will use precautionary measures to keep birds, raccoons, and whatever else away from our grapes!  At least, that is the goal. 🙂

We are also planning some of our first marketing, as we estimate a partial crop to sell next year.  Once we have that created, we will have access to the information on our blog.  We won’t be selling commercial wine for at least a couple of years, though we plan to make small amounts of hobby wine just to try some of our own varieties.

Oh, and coming up on the next blog…we had some grapes donated to us from a family friend, so we could not pass up the chance to make some wine!  Landon and Ella have the picking and crushing parts of wine-making down.  If a 2-year-old and a one-year-old can do it…it’s cannot be too hard, right?? 🙂  Easier said than done is probably a good phrase to end with here.

But, to officially end, I wanted to post a great pic of the land and vineyard owners (compliments, again, from our IL family photographer…scrap book quality, Kelly! 🙂 )  Dad LOVES it when I post photos of him…(he thought he was the silent partner, but he should know better than that!)  Too good to pass up.  You’ll look back and enjoy this, Dad!

Til next time!

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