We Picked…and Picked…and Picked some more!


With our big step into producing our own wine, we also had to quickly learn how to assemble and maneuver a lot of new equipment.  Instead of hauling our picked grapes to a winery as in previous years, we had to crush our grapes and start fermentation or crush and immediately press the grapes and transfer into tanks.

Our learning curve was time-sensitive, because as soon as we had a handle on one variety, the next variety was ready to be picked! 🙂  So, let’s just say we learned VERY QUICKLY (literally) how to get this process started!  There may have been one night that my mom and I stayed up the entire night (seriously…an all-nighter…sun down to sun up) as we finished pressing a large quantity of white grapes.  Though it was necessary, we probably will try not to make a habit out of it. 😉


However, amongst all of the planning, the rushing, the work, and the amount of unknowns, we are in production! 🙂  Our grapes are harvested and our wine is in tanks…and, we are preparing to launch our product soon!  Stay tuned as we get our marketing efforts and web presence up and going, and line up our plan for getting our finished product to you. 🙂


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