Winter…Winter…Winter…SUMMER! Where did Spring go??!! :)


But, a short spring means less time to prepare for playing catch-up when our vines start to grow.  Because, when they start to grow, there’s no stopping them and my mom and I just try to master the art of maintaining the chaos! In the spring, we prune our dormant vines, and apply a lime sulfur spray as a preventative for several types of fungus.  We also try to get to any trellis system maintenance, which usually involves hammering in loose staples, replacing any old or broken posts, and tightening the trellis wires.  We also have to pick up all of the prunings out of the vineyard, and prepare to tackle weed control within our rows.  That may sound like a short list, but when you have 1100 vines spread over 2.3 acres…it just seems to always take longer than we plan. 🙂


I have included some spring vineyard pics when our vines were still dormant and we were pruning and applying lime sulfur.

‘Til next time!

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