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2 Ragini MMS - 2 Movie Download Mp4




Ragini Mms 2 Movie 2016, released by Mr.Sohail, starring Asha Sharma, Neha Dhupia, Vinay Pathak, Aditi Sharma, Sai Tamhankar, Ashwini Dheer, Sunil Shetty, Vrajesh Hirjee, Sanket Chaudhary and others, Directed by Mr.Sohail, Written by Mr.Sohail and Produced by Mr.Sohail. Overview Mr.Sohail is a renowned name when it comes to Punjabi cinema. He was born in Mumbai but his family comes from Punjab. Mr.Sohail has to stay in Mumbai because of his family’s business. He tries to earn his income with various business options and eventually gets his own network TV show, Dispatches. He stays in Mumbai for many years and finally becomes popular as a host. There’s a writer named Deena who comes to Mr.Sohail to do a story for his show. Eventually, Mr.Sohail and Deena fall in love and start living together. As fate would have it, Deena’s boss Mr.Lala also falls in love with her. After Deena’s breakup with Mr.Sohail, Lala takes the revenge of the break up on Deena. Mr.Sohail tries to separate Deena from Lala’s influence by giving her an assignment to be an assistant to an actor who is working in a low budget movie. The movie is going to release in a few days and the actor is very stressed out about it. Deena convinces Mr.Sohail to go to the set and act as the assistant. Mr.Sohail doesn’t know how to act but somehow ends up on the sets. There he makes the audience and the director laugh by doing various jokes. Deena gets angry with the director and throws him out of the set. The director who is now furious of Mr.Sohail’s behaviour, wants to break him from the film set. A policeman shows up to arrest Mr.Sohail. Lala has to go bail him out. Deena is shocked to see the policeman and starts crying. After getting out of jail, Mr.Sohail realizes that Deena is now in a deep depression. She doesn’t want to work with anyone. Mr.S




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2 Ragini MMS - 2 Movie Download Mp4

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